Shipping & Delivery

Shipping to Worldwide
We are experienced ship replica watches to worldwide. We use the best carriers in the business to make sure your order gets to you safely and on time.

  • We will occasionally ship an order separately (Big orders or ship the rest when comes available), If you see #1 in your order notes or after tracking number, that means will have #2 or #3 packages coming in a separate package. 
  • Sometimes we will have to hide your watch inside a plastic toy to avoid customs. Please do not surprise if you received a cheap plastic clock, unscrew the toy and you will find your watch inside of it. 


Shipping method Suggestion: 

Destination Safe delivery methods (Recommend)
Australia EMS Direct
Canada EMS Direct
Costa Rica EMS Direct
Indonesia EMS Direct
Mexico EMS Direct 20 Days or DHL via Hong Kong
Philippines EMS Direct
Portugal EMS Direct
Russia EMS Direct
Singapore EMS Direct
Switzerland EMS Direct
Thailand EMS Direct
United Kingdom/England/Scottland/Britsh EMS Direct
Japan EMS Direct
Korea EMS Direct
Malaysia EMS Direct
New Zealand EMS Direct
USA DHL via Hong Kong
Austria Hide product in plastic clock ship by DHL via Hong Kong
Belgium  DHL via Hong Kong or Hong Kong Registered Mail
Argentina We do not ship to Argentina
Brunei We do not ship to Argentina
Chile  DHL via Hong Kong
Czech Republic DHL via Hong Kong
Cyprus We do not ship to Argentina
Denmark DHL via Hong Kong
Ecuador  DHL via Hong Kong
Egypt DHL via Hong Kong
El Salvador DHL via Hong Kong
Finland DHL via Hong Kong
France DHL via Hong Kong
Greece  DHL via Hong Kong, EMS Express about 20 days
Hungary  DHL via Hong Kong
Iceland DHL via Hong Kong
Iraq DHL via Hong Kong
Ireland DHL via Hong Kong
Italy DHL via Hong Kong
Kuwait  DHL via Hong Kong
Luxembourg DHL via Hong Kong
Latvia  DHL via Hong Kong
Lebanon DHL via Hong Kong
Lithuania DHL via Hong Kong
Malta DHL via Hong Kong
Netherlands DHL via Hong Kong
Norway  DHL via Hong Kong
Pakistan DHL via Hong Kong
Poland DHL via Hong Kong
Puerto Rico Hide product inside plastic toy ship by EMS via Hong Kong
Romania DHL via Hong Kong
Sweden DHL via Hong Kong
Slovak Republic DHL via Hong Kong
Slovenia  DHL via Hong Kong
Spain DHL via Hong Kong
Sri Lanka DHL via Hong Kong
Swaziland DHL via Hong Kong
Germany We do not ship to Argentina
United Arab Emirates DHL via Hong Kong
QATAR DHL via Hong Kong
South Africa DHL via Hong Kong
Israel DHL via Hong Kong
India DHL via Hong Kong
Saudi Arabia DHL via Hong Kong
Turkey DHL via Hong Kong
  • For small amount order less than $100.00 with free shipping, we will ship by flat rate standard shipping method for you. All countries above with flat rate standard shipping is safe but very slow. 

Delivery Time

  • Flat Rate Shipping  2-4 weeks
  • DHL via Hong Kong 5-7 days
  • EMS direct 7-10 days
  • Aramex 6-10 days
  • Hong Kong Registered mail 2-4 weeks

Track Your Package.
Every order you place through our website is traceable 24/7. As soon as your watch is dispatched you will be emailed an unique tracking code to track the progress of your delivery.

Be sure to change * Date range for shipment - From to earlier date to track the shipper's reference number we gave you.



Duty Free.
We will mark the package as gift item and low value $25.00, normally no problem with customs. We will help you to clear customs. 


Guaranteed delivery.
Unlike other replica sites we guaranteed a safe delivery. In the unlikely event that your package should get lost in transit, we will re-send a replacement no questions asked.


Return a product for any reason.
You have up to 14 calendar days from the time you receive your item(s) to initiate a return. Please see our Warranty and returns section for more details

Please do not take the plastic off your replica watch when you received it. Check the quality and try it on first. Make sure everything is fine. If there is any problem, please contact us. .